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The Truth, The Dope, The Lowdown

RHPcord Productions is a company that can help you to present yourself on the Internet.  Click here for more information on what Services we offer, or here for a Gallery of what we've done.  Read more about RHPcord Productions below.

The Beginnings

RHPcord Productions was started in 1995, located in Atlanta Georgia, to create websites for the public using NetObjects Fusion.  After realizing that WYSIWYG programming really wasn't the best way to meet customer needs, we switched to Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Basic.  At this point we had basically sold our souls to Mr. Gates.  What followed was a long road of discovering the ever-changing world of HTML, JavaScript and the Internet.  Remember Geocities, screens only 800 pixels wide, laptops that weighed 15 pounds?  That was where we were born.

Oh yeah, every other street in Atlanta really is named Peachtree.  But Buckhead is great!

The Transfers

Right after discovering the possibilities of the web, RHPcord Productions moved West to Houston, Texas.  The land where everyone, even the police, ride horses to work every day, and tumbleweeds blow through town every day at 3:00 PM.  Aside from that, Houston is great for the opportunity it provides Internet developers.  The Internet basically shuttles information from point to point.  And the oil companies have LOTS of data.  So much that they need lots of code to move it.

We have consulted for Texaco, Equiva, Baker Oil Tools, Landmark Graphics, Compaq, and many other organizations.  Most of the applications were web-based data systems that allowed internal users to query data to determine how their departments could do business better.  And we succeeded.  Productivity at one client went up 40% after a web-based portal was created to allow users to efficiently manage the data generated by the every day workings of the company.

Unfortunately, all of that work is behind the scenes, Intranet work.  But there are a lot of smaller companies looking for a way to make their way onto the Internet.  RHPcord Productions helps with that, too.  We offer hosting, email, search engine submissions and optimizations, and even hardware maintenance.  We do it all.  For more details on some of the websites we've created, check out our Gallery page.  For more details on some of the things we can do for you, check out our Services page.

The Truth

If you've made it this far, you've done better than most.  To reward you I'll share a secret.  But don't tell anyone, or it wouldn't be a secret.

RHPcord Productions is actually one person, Roger Pollard.  I am the heart and soul of RHPcord Productions and I am proud of how far I've taken it.  Although I am just one, I have contacts and resources that allow me to meet any challenge.  So don't worry, I've got you covered.

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