My Review of Disney's Lone Ranger

A View from the non-Hollywood Movie Watcher

I almost didn't go and see Disney's adaptation of The Lone Ranger, based on the reviews I read. They (the reviews) were really bad, and I thought maybe I should spend my money on something that would be a better theatrical release. Maybe even, dare I say it, that Despicable movie. Having said that, I am very glad I went and saw Disney's The Lone Ranger. It really is a good movie, with a great storyline and excellent cinematography. So why did the general public give it a cold shoulder? Well, here are my thoughts on it...

First of all, know that I am a white male, living in Texas. At first this might not seem important, but it does explain a lot later on, so go with me here. And, keep in mind, we are talking about a Disney movie, which most people associate with Cinderella and Snow White, not racial inequalities.

Still with me? Good. Let's get into the heart of it.

I believe the reason main-stream America doesn't feel a warm fuzzy with Disney's The Lone Ranger is that it addresses, full on, the way the American People (by this I mean white people) treated native Americans when we took over this country. When you watch this movie you will be exposed to the guilt and misgivings of a race that essentially controls movie box office returns. And I think that may affect the profit on this movie. However, it did still tell a great story (the movie, not the returns).

So, should you go see the new Lone Ranger movie? Yes, you should. It doesn't follow the accepted history of the Lone Ranger story, but then again, it's told from Tonto's perspective, which is probably different than that of the Lone Ranger. Hell, it's the first Hollywood story to credit Tonto above The Lone Ranger! So the discrepancies are easy to forgive, given the different viewpoint. Not only that, the movie explains a lot of the questions you might of had while growing up watching the black and white TV shows or the comics on the back of General Mills cereals. Yes, it goes back that far. Plus, if you see the movie you'll understand why Mr. Depp wears the bird. Seriously, it makes sense once you see it on film. Although it will make the white man feel guilty. But hey, fantasy can only go so far.

So go see it already. It's a great story and you will leave happy with your purchase. But I really recommend staying until the house lights come up, or later if you're in a place that wants to turn and burn. You should stay until the last credit rolls to see the best Carol Burnett Spotlight ending ever. Best. Tribute Ever.

Plus, the horse, Silver, is one of the best actors ever. I wonder if ILM had anything to do with that? Or do horses really fly???????

Thanks for the recommendation, Mr. Garman.

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